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Terms & Conditions

Company Rules & Policies

Here are a few policies and rules which we effectively use within our company. By booking with us,you are agreeing with the following:

1) All of our vehicles hold a no-smoking policy. However, you are able to consume alcohol in our vehicles under the condition that you pay an additional £50 fee for a cleaning valet; due to any beverage spillages.
2) In the case of a passenger throwing up/vomiting in one of our vehicles; you are required to pay an additional £50 fee for a cleaning valet.
3) Whilst using our vehicle and our services,we hope that you will respect our driver and show consideration towards those who are offering you any services.
4) In the case of any passengers breaking anything in our vehicle,the costs of the damage will be the responsibility of the passengers who carried out the damage – this is not the responsibility of our company.
5) The company does not accept liabilities for any delays caused by re-routed journeys which are out of our control. For example, those caused by the weather,diversions or accidents.
6) The company accepts no responsibilities for any loss or damage to any property or luggage carries in our vehicles, regardless of how the loss or damage is caused.
7) The company reserves the right to cancel your booking in the case of any emergencies or unprecedented weather conditions.
8) The company has a booking time policy – you should be present at the time you have booked our services for. If you are not present in the specific area for the pick up after 15 minutes; there will be no refunds available as this is the customers responsibility to be present for pick up at the pre-set time. If the driver waits after these 15 minutes, an additional £15 will be charged for every 30 minutes they wait after this. However,the driver may leave after 15 minutes of waiting if they are busy and have following pick up jobs to arrive to.
9) On airport bookings we usually monitor the flights; we do not charge you any extra in the case where your flight has been delayed. However, we give our customers 30 minutes after the flight has landed to be present for the pick up. After these 30 minutes, we charge £10 for every 30 minute wait after this.
10) The company requires an upfront,non-refundable deposit of 20% of your booking fee. The rest of the fee is expected to be paid by you on arrival,on the set day which you are using our services.

Once again, please keep the above conditions in mind when you are booking with us.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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